Digital SIgnage

Digital Signage Systems, Allow us to showing information in an attractive design for indoor and outdoor area. It can be used for menu screen at a restaurant, promotion offer, public information, product information, directory or map display in a mall, wayfinding kiosk with an interactive touchscreen, it also can be used for crucial information at a convenient and visible location for all its patron. It can show file with format: Audio, Video, Image, Graphics, PowerPoint and etc., which are assembled in different combinations and permutations to yield new messages in real-time. With Digital signage system we also can create playlist and schedule the information from one server via Display Control Software. Digital signage relies on a variety of hardware to deliver the content. The components of a typical digital signage installation include one or more display screens, one or more media players, and a content management server. One content management server may support multiple media players and one media player may support multiple screens. Digital signage media players run on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. No need conventional manual system, Forgets USB drive and it is paperless.

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